A central goal of TRACOD is raising consumers' confidence in fish freshness, nutritional value, and authenticity. To this end, we ask you to take a few minutes to respond to the questionnaire which is accessible by clicking on the banner to the left.
The TRACOD team thanks you for your contribution to this socially important effort.
TRACOD – short for TRAck the COD fish, is an EIT Food project aimed at improving the ability of producers and consumers to track freshness and nutritional values of fresh fish, including cod, salmon, and other white fish species. TRACOD uses models implemented in an app for interacting with stakeholders and includes an education component for endowing food engineers with a systems approach. TRACOD also engages future food engineers in conceptual modeling as part of model-based systems engineering of food production and supply systems.
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Food Engineers Education
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Fish Supply Chain Model
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Fish Nutritional Value
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The project partners are: EIT Food, Technion ESML (Israel), Technion SELA (Israel), MATÍS (Iceland), Xpectrum (Belgium):
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TRACOD aims to prepare the future generation of food engineers by providing them with systems thinking and conceptual modeling capabilities.

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The benefit of TRACOD is to transparently expose all the stakeholders in the food chain, from the fishermen ships and food engineers to the customers and sources.

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We will approach relevant companies to use our system as beta testers as early as we have a working module that can be beneficial to the user.

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