Fish Supply Chain Model

In the first year, we focused on fresh cod as it is caught and transported from Iceland to European consumers. OPCloud, which implements OPM ISO 19450, served to create a detailed conceptual model, representing the enablement of traceability of the cod food chain as a basis for a generic fish food value chain for various fish species originating from various locations.

Fish Nutritional Value

TRACOD integrates a dedicated near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectrometer as a fast, reliable calibrated fingerprint spectrum for the fat and protein macronutrients and for moisture and freshness. Any node in the supply chain, specifically the end consumer, will potentially be able to receive information on warehouses, owners, operators, transporters, temperature, moisture, macronutrients content, quality and freshness for a given batch of fish at each time point.


Food Engineers Education

TRACOD prepares food engineers and students to better design, manage, and evolve food chain systems. We educate them in principles and applications of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) with ISO 19450 OPM Object-Process Methodology. Systems thinking and conceptual modeling capabilities help them to cope with the increasing complexities of food systems. The massive open online course (MOOC), developed as part of TRACOD, boosts systems thinking and scientific understanding.

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