A.  Apply model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and conceptual modeling for two purposes:

  • Model the function, structure, and behavior of the entire “farm-to-fork” food value chain, ultimately enabling real-time view of the physical objects and processes along the food chain at increasing levels of detail through their digital twins, as reported by sensors in key chain locations and controlled by a dedicated app.
  • Educate food engineers to use conceptual modeling using a dedicated online course.



B.  Develop a dedicated app to collect data from spectrometers and other sensors process it, and inform producers and consumers about fish freshness and nutritional value information.

C.  Prepare the next generation of food engineers and related professionals by endowing them with 21st century skills, specifically systems thinking and conceptual modeling.

D.  Investigate the awareness of and attitudes of the public, the fish consumers, towards food freshness and nutritional values, and how to monitor them.

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