ESML logoThe Enterprise Systems Modeling Laboratory (ESML), headed by Prof. Dov Dori, is an international center of knowledge and research on conceptual modeling that focuses on the advancement of Object-Process Methodology (OPM) ISO 19450 as a vehicle to holistically model, design, analyze, simulate, and verify systems in all domains of science and engineering.

Within TRACOD, the benefit of the OPM ISO 19450 conceptual model is its transparent exposure to all the stakeholders in the food chain, from the food engineers to the customers, regarding the nutritional values and freshness of the food they handle or ultimately consume. Using model-based systems engineering (MBSE) principles and applying Cloud, IoT, Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 technologies, we develop a generic model-based platform for food value chain definition, maintenance, real-time query and decision support, and constant evolution.


Technion logoTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology, is a science and technology research university dedicated to the creation of knowledge and the development of human capital and leadership for the advancement of Israel and mankind. Technion is a global pioneer in both traditional and novel engineering fields, including biotechnology, space, computer science, nanotechnology, and energy.

Three Technion professors and a Technion graduate are Nobel laureates. Technion is currently involved in 170 Horizon 2020 projects.

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